Moist Apple Cake Recipe

Happy Independence Day Indonesia my beloved country on 17th August 2015!!! It was a long weekend , i spent my weekend at home and in town.  I had 3 Fuji Apples and curious what I could do with it , besides making Apple Pie (Apple Pie is too mainstream 😅) . So that Monday morning , on Indonesian Independence Day, I browsed through Mr.Google and hoping to bump into high rated Apple Recipes and trust people’s review and trust my instinct.

Moist Apple Cake

Moist Apple Cake

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Cherry Crumble Pie


This is my first time making pie, and i gotta say i’m so proud of the result. I made my own pie crust. It’s crispy on the top side but still easy to cut and it held the filling perfectly. I guess by using margarine than butter made it crispier . I don’t know which one is better, flaky crust or crispy crust?

For this cherry crumble pie recipe i only use half of the pie crust recipe. Just divide everything on this recipe by two to get 1 (10 inch ) pie crust.

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Brown Sugar Potato Pudding

Weekend comes and it means getting busy in the kitchen! It’s Sunday Baking/Cooking Time!!! Couple of times i made Chocolate Potato pudding and it was a hit. I think i posted the recipe on my facebook page @SinfuliciousBites . But this time i changed the chocolate pudding with brown sugar, and substitute milk with coconut milk. The brown sugar pudding and the potato go well together. It’s yummmmeeehhh 😘😘

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